Interim PET for Hodgkin’s – pro

Interim PET may provide important prognostic information and guide therapy. My reading of the evidence is that NCCN does recommend interim PET. NCCN for Hodgkin’s does recommend a PET after two cycles fo ABVD, which is similar and not substantively different fomr this patients ABVD based regimen,  on p. HODG-4. For this reason I disagree with the prior reviewer, particuarly with the statement that , “Interim PET/CT to evaluate response to treatment is not considered standard of care according to the NCCN Guidelines (Ref. 2) ”
In regard to literature, European literature has not yet accepted interum PET but American literature is much more supportive. Zinzani et al(2011) says: “Our results demonstrate the role of an early PET scan as a significant step forward in the management of patients with early-stage or advanced-stage HL.

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