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Intraperitoneal instillation of interferon has been investigated mostly in ovarian cancer, but also in ascites and pleural effusion of other casues, including colorectal cancer. This is distinct from anti-tumor effects in colon cancer, for which NCCN specifically does not recommed interferon.The effect on the effusion may or may not be related to direct anticancer effect. Unfortunately, none of the studies  included sufficient numbers of patients to be able to make a recomendation for this therapy. One study found that: “At the dose of 10 M units/m2 of intraperitoneal -2B-IFN, this regimen did not appear to produce clinically significant palliation of the ascites in most patients.”

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Clin. Cancer Res., June 1, 2000; 6(6): 2268 – 2278.

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