Is stem cell transplantation possible with renal failure due to multiple myeloma? – pro

Lay Summary: Renal failure is common in newly diagnosed myeloma. Recent literature shows that ASCT is an attractive alternative for MM patients with renal insufficiency, and it should not constitute a criterion for exclusion from transplant unless patients display poor performance status and very high creatinine levels (>5 mg/dl).

Renal failure is present in about 20% of patients with multiple myeloma (MM) at diagnosis. Approximately 10% of patients diagnosed with MM in a general hospital have renal failure severe enough to require dialysis. This along with treatmetn for myeloma often allows recovery of renal function. For patients who do not recover, combined kidney and bone marrow transplantation is being studied. Many reports show that if renal functions recovers sufficiently as to not require dialysis, autologous transplantation can restore normal kidney funcion.

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