L.E.I.S.H. – pro

The LESIH procedure relies on the use of a proprietary LASER System, of a wavelength not significantly absorbed by human tissue and emitting a low power broad beam. It is a form of fractionated Photo-dynamic Therapy.

Both Photo-dynamic Therapy and Radio-fractionated Hyperthermia are FDA approved; however, due to limitations in the available delivery equipment, they cannot be utilized to treat larger tumors.

The LAILT System I, proprietary of LASE MED, Inc. and utilized in the delivery of the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy, is designed to handle any size of tumor.

LMI’s therapy relies on the use of injectable enchancer which is directly injected into the tumor and spreads thorughout it. This OxyM, which is water soluble and completely innocuous, in other words with the same side-effects of a saline solution.

This is an experimental modality that has become a part of “alternative” medical approach. There are no recent publications to suport it and the proprietry system has not been FDA approved, even as a technology. Afsaneh Bakhshandeh, Volker Bath, Gunter J Wiedemann, Walter Longo, Benjamin M Lerner, Cynthia L Tiggelaar, and H Ian Robins Year 2000 guidelines for clinical practice of whole body hyperthermia combined with cytotoxic drugs Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice, Vol. 5, No. 3, 131-134 (1999)from the University of Lübeck and the University of Wisconsin

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University Hospital Utrecht, The Netherlands.
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