Low dose radiation before allogeneic reduced intensity transplant – pro

Low dose radiation is being added to conditioning regimens before reduced intensity allogeneic transplants.It is not currently known whether the effects are on the whole positive or negative, or not effective at all. A number of restrospective reviews have come to different conclusions.

In a report by Du and colleagues, where 80% of patients received radiation-free conditioning, age >50 years was an independent adverse factor for survival on multivariable analysis.Low dose radiation may protect against graft cersus host disease; it can also produce pneumonitis, myelitis and other complications. Arguing for tis sue iw anecdotal experience as well as studies of incresing doses in numan and animal models as well as retropective reviews. The goal of low doe radiation is to control immune response following a reduced intensity allogneic transplant. The ultimmate effect is now known with certainty. This procedure is being investigated.

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International Journal of Radiation OncologyBiologyPhysics , Volume 63 , Pages S420 – S420

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