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1.Does the patient meet medical necessity for the proposed chemotherapy?
2.Is this treatment or procedure used to treat an illness or injury?
3.Is this treatment ordered by a Physican….. and is it consistent with patient’s condition or accepted standards of medical practice?
4.Is it the most appropriate level of services?
5.Is it mainly for convenience?
6.Is this treatment or procedure of an Experimental and/or Investigational?
7.Is it primarily for medical… research?
8.Does this treatment or procedure invovle, excessive, unnecessary or repeated tests?
9.Is it commonly and custmarily recognized by medical profession as appropriate?
10.Does it meet guidelines of FDA or CMS…?
11.Is it marketed with approval of FDA and approved for marketing…?
12.Was informed consent utilized or procedure reviewed by IRB?
13.Does Federal Law require such approval?
14.Does reliable evidence indicate that it is subject to on-going phase I, II clinical trials, is the research arm of phase III trial, or otherwise under study…?
15.Does reliable evidence show that the prevailing opinon among experts is that farther studies are necessary…?

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