Radiation for Dupuytren – pro

Radiation therapy (radiotherapy) is a non-surgical treatment that can stop or slow down Dupuytren’s disease in its early stage. In radiation therapy, the nodules and cords associated with Dupuytren’s are irradiated from a distance of .5 – 1 cm either with X-Rays (e.g. 120 kV = soft X-Rays that do not penetrate deeply into the body) or with electrons (3 – 10 MeV). This is typically done over five days in a row applying an efficient dose (single dose 3 Gy, total dose 15 Gy). After a break of six weeks, this treatment is repeated. This treatment has not been compared to surgery or other nonopeartive interventions. Instead a trial of two different radiation concepts showed that both concepts were effective.

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