Role of 5FU and Xeloda in pancreatic cancer progressing after gemcitabine – pro

5 florouracyl is an older drug but it has some response in pancreatic cancer, as does its analogue, Xeloda. The role of  Xeloda alone to salvage pancreatic cancer patients who progress on gemcitabine. Technically Xeldda is first line in this case, because gemcitabine was stopped due to intolerance rather than progression; however, restaging after gemcitabine was not provided.

The role of  Xeloda alone for adjuvant therapy of pancreatic cancer can be supported but only thorugh the analogy of the similarity between 5FU and Xeloda, as specific trials in the adjuvant setting are lacking. patients who progress on gemcitabine. NCCN does list Xeloda as a 2B recommendation for the adjuvant setting. This means that based upon lower-level evidence, there is NCCN consensus that the intervention is appropriate

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