Spitz tumors and melanoma – pro

Spitz nevus is a benign tumor that can be distinguished from melanoma in most instances. However, as stated by Allen and Spitz in 1953, in some circumstances, unequivocal distinction between Spitz nevus and melanoma is practically impossible. Some cases are difficult to distinguish from melanoma. Other cases turn out to be of higher risk. I consider it appropriate to treat it as melanoma after a consideration of all factors and discussion between physician and patient appropriate given the uncertainty of pathologic diagnosis in many cases.
Sepehr A, Chao E, Trefrey B, et al. Long-term Outcome of Spitz-Type Melanocytic Tumors. Arch Dermatol. Oct 2011;147(10):1173-9.

Luo S, Sepehr A, Tsao H. Spitz nevi and other Spitzoid lesions part I. Background and diagnoses. J Am Acad Dermatol. Dec 2011;65(6):1073-84.

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