Stress ulcer prophylaxis in cancer patients – pro

Intensive chemotherapy, especially with chronic use of steroids causes stress on the stomach and increases the risk of developing ulcers and gastritis. Much of the work on prophylaxis was done in the setting of nonsteroidal use but there is also published evidence and guidelines supporting it for long-term steroids. Although the theory that prophylaxis is reqired ahs nto been subjected to rigorous testing, it is a part of many proven chemo protocols vased on general acceptance for several decades. As mentioned, it is recommended by various guidelines and reviews.

Kelly N Schupp, Linda M Schrand, and Alan H Mutnick
A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis
Ann Pharmacother ;37:631-635.

Bruno et al.Stress-related mucosal bleeding in critically ill oncology patients
J Oncol Pharm Pract.2008

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