Suboxone, a Sublingual Preparation of Buprenorphine in Treatment of Chronic Cancer Pain – pro

Buprenorphin comes in a sublingual and transdermal formulation. In October 2002, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved buprenorphine monotherapy product, Subutex®, and a buprenorphine/naloxone combination product, Suboxone®, for use in opioid addiction treatment. The combination product is designed to decrease the potential for abuse by injection.

The transdermal form is well-established for treatment of chronic cancer pain and. It was recommended for this purpose by a consensus conference(Pergolizzin et al). The sublingual form is much less studied in this setting. Notably, it was started as longer go us 1979 by Robbie. He concluded that this sublingual preparation seems worthy of addition to the commercially available range of analgesics in clinical practice. Other publications appeared occasionally over the next 20 years and have been generally supportive. in 2005, Malinoff found it to be well tolerated and safe and appeared to be effective in the treatment of chronic pain patients refractory to other pain medications. It continued to be mildly recommended in more recent reviews.

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