Temodar for brain metastases – pro

Surgical resection should be considered in patients with single brain metastasis in an accessible location, especially when the size is large, the mass effect is considerable and an obstructive hydrocephalus is present. Radisourgery can also be used.

Chemotherapy may be the initial treatment for patients with brain metastases from chemosensitive tumors, like small cell lung cancers, lymphomas, germ cell tumors and breast cancers, especially for chemonaive patients or if an effective chemotherapy schedule for the primary is still available. Radiation therapy, with or without chemotherapy, is still the treatment of choice for patients needing a palliation of neurological symptoms.

Many chemotherapeutic agents do not penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Temozolomide is a  chemotherapeutic agent with a good safety profile that crosses the blood-brain barrier and has shown activity against many human solid tumors. In two phase II trials of temozolomide in heavily pretreated patients with various solid tumor brain metastases, temozolomide was safe and generally well tolerated and showed clinical activity, with three partial responses and 19 disease stabilizations.

I consider Temodar to be supported since there are two phase II studies.  NCCN recommends it for brain metastases without restricting it to specific tumor types.

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NCCN BRAIN-D, 3 2017


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