Torisel for hepatocellular carcinoma – pro

Temsirolimus is a mTOR inhibitor.  It is an FDA approved for renal cell carcinoma. The mTOR pathway is activated in 40-50% of patients with hepatocellular cancer (HCC). In different models (i.e., hepatoma cell lines and implanted HCC tumors in rats), mTOR inhibitors (mTORIs) were effective in reducing cell growth and tumor vascularity. Synergistic effects were observed for mTORIs and chemotherapeutic agents in these studies. Clinical data are, as yet, only preliminary and are mainly derived from retrospective studies in patients who underwent liver transplantation for HCC. Those patients had received sirolimus thereafter for immunosuppression, and a much lower rate of tumor recurrence than with calcineurin inhibitors alone was noted. Current prospective trials of MTOR inhibitors are ongoing for treatment of advanced HCC .

A similar drug is in a current trial: Randomized Phase I/II of RAD001 in Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), NCT00390195

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