Xeloda and erbitux for colorectal cancer – pro

Xeloda is FDA approved and so is Erbitux as a single agent. Monoclonal antibodies such as cetuximab, can block tumor growth in different ways. Giving cetuximab together with capecitabine may kill more tumor cells. This is still being investigated.

When Xeloda is used with cetuximab, it would be considered experimental. There is a Phase II trial: Cetuximab and Capecitabine in Treating Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer That Failed Irinotecan Treatment, NCT00538291. ANnther relevant study is: Study of Capecitabine and Cetuximab as First-Line Therapy in Patients With Metastatic Wild Type Kirsten Rat Sarcoma Viral Oncogene Homolog (KRAS) Colorectal Cancer, NCT00954876. Patients who are not able or willing to take Oxaliplatin/Irinotecan combination therapy are eligible for this study but note that this is a first line study. There are a number of ongoing trials that also add oxalipatin, irinotecan or cisplatin, or radiation.
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