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CancerTreatmentToday.org offers professional and lay articles about cancer and cancer treatment.

Find unique information about modern cancer treatments and emerging technologies here. ‘Recent Posts’ tab offers the newest content.  To read the entire article, simply click on the title or the “Read More” link.  If you’re looking for a specific topic, here are a few pointers to help you navigate the articles found on CancerTreatmentToday.org.

  • The section on every page titled “Focused Articles For You” lists all of the categories that organize our articles.  Click on a category title to view the articles categorized within.
  • If a category also has a subcategory, you will see it drop down on the categories menu when holding your mouse over the + sign in front of the category title.  You can then click on the subcategory title to view the articles categorized within.
  • Use the “Search” box available at the top right of any page to locate articles related to the specific term you are interested in reading about.

On the right side of the site, you can access our Dilemma of the Week and read about specific scenarios that may relate to your experiences.  Here you will find a true treatment dilemma that real people faced and the advice for them. Some details have been edited.

By visiting our Forums, you can initiate, participate in or add to the discussions there.  Our Forums allows you to pose questions and solicit advice or information from topic moderators or other participants, both lay people and professionals.

You can also use the Contact Us page to send us your questions and/or cancer treatment related scenarios.  We will do our best to respond to you in a timely manner – and if our resources permit us, we may respond to your scenario in the form of a Dilemma of the Week posting.

We believe that, when faced with cancer, it is important to understand all of your options.  Ideally, a layperson would be able to access all the information that a medical professional can access, but this is not the case. The barriers are arcane professional terminology that impedes your web searching and obscure places where the data that you need is stored or located.  However, CancerTreatmentToday.org aims to offer as much information as possible to our site visitors.  Therefore, we not only provide articles written in such a way that a layperson can generally understand, but we also make available the information written for medical professionals.  The articles for the medical professional are the same that you viewed as a layperson but with the scientific terminology and authoritative references. Having read the lay text you will easily understand the professional version and can follow up on the referenced articles, guidelines and textbooks. We thus offer all of our site visitors – layperson and professional alike – the opportunity to view content that is written for those with an educational background in the medical field.  We hope that this will give a layperson a more in-depth view of the topic they choose to research and result in better self-education.  This should lead a layperson to ask more educated and pointed questions about their care and course of action when faced with cancer and cancer treatment options.  And for the medical professional, it provides an authoritative and up to date summary of topical issues in the field, with recent references.

To directly access articles written in professional medical jargon, click on the link “Professionals” within the Information for You section on any page.  To view layperson versions of the articles, use the “Lay Portal” within the Information for You section.  Within any article, you will have the opportunity to click a link to the layperson or professional version, as the case may be.

We also have recent cancer news on the site, as well as resources, sponsor links and other useful information. Our goal is to provide the right information that you need, when you need it.

Please share your suggestions, criticism and feedback for the site with us here.

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