Capsule Endoscopy for gastraintestinal bleeding – pro

Surgeon controls optical fiber at same time making manipulation with both hands

Capsule Endoscopy is a procedure in which a capsule with a miniature camera is swallowed and it transmits images as it goes through the gastrointestinal tract. While easier on the patient, it does not allow for a biopsy, and if it shows a suspicious findings, full ensoscopy will still be required. A recent European guideline says that patients at high risk for CRC, because of alarm symptoms or signs, or a family or personal history of CRC, are at increased risk of advanced colorectal neoplasia and cancer. These patients should be referred to colonoscopy. However, in patients for whom colonoscopy is inappropriate or not possible, the use of Capsulte Endoscopy could be discussed with the patient (Evidence level 4, Recommendation grade D). A recent review of various guidelines by Shim et al, confirms this recommendation., 2013

Shim KN, Moon JS, Chang DK, Do JH, Kim JH, Min BH, Jeon SR, Kim JO, Choi MG; Korean Gut Image Study Group.Guideline for capsule endoscopy: obscure gastrointestinal bleeding, Clin Endosc. 2013 Jan;46(1):45-53.

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