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Prostate cancer in men, in some ways, resembles breast cancer in women.

Like breast cancer, it is gender specific, strikes organs of intimacy and procreation, is hormonally sensitive, and affects large numbers of people in both early and late stages. Like it, screening methods are available. Many of the issues that preoccupy breast cancer advocates, such as how to screen and prevent, how to diagnose earlier and preserve organs, and how to deal with the issues of survivorship and sexuality, also preoccupy advocates for prostate cancer.

This is a disease traditionally dogged by dispute. Part of the problem is that prostate cancer is treated by three different types of medical specialists: urologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists. Each of these specialties advocates the type of treatment that it administers and with which it is familiar. Urologists recommend prostatectomy for early prostate cancer, whereas radiation specialists offer various kinds of radiotherapy and oncologists tend to favor hormonal treatments. Fortunately, some of these issues are approaching resolution as more studies are completed and more high quality information becomes available. The place of PSA is prostate cancer screening, which treatment is better for early prostate cancer, and how to sequence treatments for metastatic prostate cancer are issues that have been discussed for decades. New studies and concepts are beginning to bring clarity to these issues, although controversies are still ongoing. Several new imaging modalities are making staging and diagnosis more accurate and a better basis for treatment selection. As in other cancer types, personalized medicine is visible on the horizon and it will transform how prostate cancer is approached.

Several new drugs have recently been approved for prostate cancer: Zytiga, Provenge, Jevtana, Xtandi, and others are on the way to being FDA approved. This will transform the face of this disease, for the better. More information on prostate cancer and developments in treatment is available on this site.

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